《wow English TV》史蒂夫趣味英语启蒙视频2021年12月17日更新4集共693集下载

《wow English TV》史蒂夫趣味英语启蒙视频2021年12月17日更新4集共693集下载-雅奇艺术早教网
《wow English TV》史蒂夫趣味英语启蒙视频2021年12月17日更新4集共693集下载

本贴为2021年12月17日 TV更新记录,最新更新记录点此查看:
今天,雅奇艺术早教论坛同步wow English官方频道更新4集视频,其中Steve and Maggie2集,Steve and Bob2集:
Steve and Maggie:
409.Halloween Ice Cream Van for Kids with Steve and Maggie  Halloween Pirate Ship  Wow English TV
HALLOWEEN is over but let’s get back to it once again with NEW Steve and Maggie stories. Let’s watch Steve serving strange Ice Creams to Monsters. Do you like ice cream? Hmm, ice cream with blood red sauce for vampires or ice cream with spiders for witches. Yummy, yummy! Which one of them would you like to try? Next we can sail with Steve on his Halloween pirate ship. What an adventure with all that sea animals! And it is not the end! Steve has meeting with Maggie in Spooky Haunted Castle. Are you scared? Don’t be and sing along with Steve! One little, two little… Wow! And there is another Haunted House! But this time Super Brave Steve is not scared. He knows Maggie just plays her tricks on him. And what happens next? There are scary monsters playing Trick or Treat around Steve and Maggie’s house. HAVE FUN and sing along with Steve and Maggie!

《wow English TV》史蒂夫趣味英语启蒙视频2021年12月17日更新4集共693集下载
410.Magic Funny Clothes Story with Steve and Maggie  English Stories for Kids  Wow English TV
Steve and Maggie are going on holiday. But unfortunately Maggie has a cold. Abracachoo! Do you know what happens when Maggie Magpie sneezes? Her magic “Abracachoo” shoots Steve into the snowy mountains, into a tropical paradise, in the crowdy city-centre and into a deep forest. Do you think it’s a good idea to “travel” only in jeans and a t-shirt? Fortunately Steve has his suitcase and so he can change his clothes immediately. Abracachoo!!! Let’s watch a new funny story with Steve and Maggie! HAVE FUN and learn English speaking! Abracachoo!
Steve and Bob:
053.Steve’s Alien Mind-blowing Machine Story for Kids with Steve and Bob the Blob
Steve is thinking of his hometown. Bob the Blob has a machine which can show what Steve is thinking about. Let’s explore how Steve’s hometown has changed! The library was old and cold, but now there is a new, big and certainly warm one. And what about a cinema? And a sports centre? And… and… Would you like to try Bob’s Memory Reader 2.0 as well? Yeah! Watch this NEW story from Steve and Bob the Blob and have FUN learning English!

《wow English TV》史蒂夫趣味英语启蒙视频2021年12月17日更新4集共693集下载
054.Crazy Washing Machine Song for Kids with Steve and Bob the Blob
Steve has to help at home. He is not happy about it. But when he sings a Housework Song with Bob the Blob, everything is done in a moment. How often do you help at home? Always? Or never? Do you make your bed or tidy your room? How often do you hoover your room or load a washing machine? Let’s sing and dance along with Steve and Bob the Blob and learn English!

《wow English TV》史蒂夫趣味英语启蒙视频2021年12月17日更新4集共693集下载


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