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今天,雅奇艺术早教论坛同步wow English官方频道更新3集视频,其中Steve and Maggie2集,Steve and Bob1集:
Steve and Maggie:
407.Halloween Party with Steve and Maggie in Spooky Haunted Castle.mp4
It’s another Steve and Maggie Halloween story! But this time Steve is lost in a Spooky Haunted Castle. Can you help him? Steve wants to get to Maggie’s Halloween party. But where is Maggie? And where’s the Hallowenn party happening? Is it in the Super Spooky Castle? Let’s be brave and find out the right way! One little, two littles, three little… Can you count all the pumpkins and Halloween characters?  There are a lot of Halloween Monsters at Maggie’s party. In this new video Steve repeats words such as witches, pumpkins, vampires, skeletons and ghosts.

《wow English TV》史蒂夫趣味英语启蒙视频2021年10月31日更新3集共689集下载
408.Haunted House for Kids with Steve and Maggie  Halloween Mr Sun Trick or Treat  Wow English TV
Happy Halloween! Let’s visit a real Haunted House with Steve. Are you scared? And who will help Steve to get home from the shop going through a really spooky park? Are the Halloween monsters real or is it just Maggie playing her tricks? Let’s see and sing the popular song “Hello Mr. Moon” with Steve. After that, Steve dresses many different Halloween costumes and goes Trick or Treat. He meets monsters all around but don’t be scared it’s only Halloween! Have you ever flown on a broomstick? And what about a vacuum cleaner? Let’s watch these crazy Halloween adventure with Steve and Maggie!

《wow English TV》史蒂夫趣味英语启蒙视频2021年10月31日更新3集共689集下载
Steve and Bob:
052.Steve’s CRAZY School Story for Kids with Steve and Bob the Blob
Bob introduces Steve as a new teacher to the little blobs. Steve tries to teach the little blobs about the school supplies. But it’s not easy, because little blobs want everything to be theirs. They want his pen, his bag, his pencil and his desk. Can you help Steve and Bob explain to the little blobs that these school supplies belong to Steve? Let’s jump into this English story with Steve and Bob the Blob.

《wow English TV》史蒂夫趣味英语启蒙视频2021年10月31日更新3集共689集下载
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